Jean Luc Rado M.F. Rakotonanahary

Bonds Lab


Research Manager

Rado is a professional researcher trained in immunology/immunopathology and quantitative methods. His research interests include sero-surveillance for disease. My dissertation work was a sero-epidemiological study on Rickets in Madagascar using molecular detection techniques. He currently work as PIVOT’s Research Manager where he is  responsible for study coordination, including all aspects of study management and ensuring that research projects adhere to approved protocols and timelines. Prior to joining PIVOT in October 2019, he worked as a research study coordinator at the Institute Pasteur in Madagascar for three years. His work at Institute Pasteur included serving as coordinator for a validation study of the BioFire Film Array Global Fever Panel for the diagnosis of plague in Madagascar. In additional to overseeing research activities, he manages data collection, and analysis, and supported dissemination of results. His  research interests include disease surveillance and diagnostics for infectious disease in rural settings.