Stephen Popper

Bonds Lab


Senior Scientist, Stanford University, Senior Advisor, PIVOT

The primary focus of Stephen’s research has been to explore the human transcriptome as a tool for understanding the epidemiology of infectious disease and biological basis for variation in clinical outcomes. He co-authored the first study examining blood-based inter-individual variation in gene expression, contributed to the design of one of the first human oligonucleotide array platforms and have published studies examining the transcriptional response to a variety of infectious agents and diseases, including dengue and dengue vaccination, malaria, leptospirosis, and bacterial sepsis. These studies have led to identification of potential prognostic and diagnostic markers, and he has developed a host- based diagnostic signature for discriminating bacterial and viral infections. His experience in the design and analysis of population-based studies of the human transcriptome and research studies in LMIC settings, as well as development of targeted nucleic acid assays, will serve as a basis for my contribution to the proposed project. he supports PIVOT’s mission to improve health with rigorous and innovative studies and services.