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Ngonghala et al (2014) essay explained on Why Should You Care Blog

04 / 08 / 2016

 Why Should You Care?

Breaking down and bringing awareness to seemingly complicated conservation topics and applying them directly to your life.

Money, Nature, and Disease

1. Why should you care?

When you think of the word poverty, what comes to mind? Do you think of financial problems, a lack of food, and/or poor living conditions? Perhaps even an image of a certain location comes to mind… Maybe one that is farther than it is near to you.

All of these are acceptable thoughts that are also commonly followed by the overarching notion that poverty arises from a general lack of money. And generally speaking, where there is a lack of money there is also a lack of economic growth resulting in what is described as the poverty trap.

And while this is an extremely generalized idea of poverty, did it ever cross your mind that economic growth could be related to the microscopic pathogens that create disease?

But before we get ahead of ourselves, take a look at the study described below to get a better understanding of how getting sick can influence an areas economic growth.

Money, Nature, and Disease