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Just One Needle Saves a Life (Stanford Med Blog)

07 / 25 / 2016
Stanford Medicine Blog on Emergency Medicine Training in Madagascar



Stanford emergency physician S.V. Mahadevan, MD, had no idea when he visited Madagascar two months ago that he would help save the life of an ailing newborn.

13701034_10208478964624441_2158434795453349342_oThe chair of emergency medicine at Stanford, Mahadevan traveled to the island country in April to teach some essential medical procedures to health care workers there, using simple equipment he had brought. Those same health care workers put that training into practice in July to rescue a 2-month-old with a life-threatening infection. The best part is that while I was thousands of miles away, in some small way I had a chance to impact a baby’s life, which is fantastic,” Mahadevan told me. “That is why we do global health. It’s a way of sharing the expertise we’ve gained over the years with our partners in other countries.”


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