Living Laboratory of Planetary Health in Madagascar

Through a partnership between PIVOT, Centre ValBio, the government of Madagascar, and academic partners we are establishing a model system for studying Planetary Health in Ranomafana, Madagascar. The initiative supports a Living Laboratory for Planetary Health – from the molecular to population-level.  Here, basic life science research is conducted alongside health service delivery, technological innovation, and conservation, to understand root causes of disease and promote an agenda for human health and sustainable development.




BSL II Lab at partner Centre ValBio of Stony Brook University.

Selected Publications and Working Papers

  1. Advancing a Science for Sustaining Health: Establishing a Model Health Distinction Madagascar,” Bonds et al, bioRxiv, 141549
  2. Baseline population health conditions ahead of a health system strengthening program in rural Madagascar,”Miller et al Global Health Action 10: 1329961.  2017 
  3.  “Removing financial barriers for universal health coverage in a rural district of Madagascar,” Garchitorena et al Health Affairs, in press.
  4. “Behavioral and Socio-Economic Risk Factors of Pathogenic Enterobacteria Infection and Antibiotic Resistance in Ranomafana Commune, Madagascar” Giordano et al in prep.
  5. Modeling the Economic Burden of Livestock Disease in the Ifanadiana District of Madagascar” Rist CL, et al. 2015  One Health, 1:60-65.

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