Bonds Lab

Organized Panel on “Natural Capital, Human Health, and the Environment”

03 / 22 / 2016

Natural Capital, Human Health, and the Environment

A multidisciplinary panel of natural and social scientist will discuss the interface of human health through the lens of natural capital. We will explore role of the natural environment on interrelationships between economic productivity, nutrition and disease, across difference scales and population gradients. The panel will present some practical solutions that can leverage knowledge of the environment to benefit human health and economic productivity of the poor.

Confirmed Presenters

  • Kenneth Arrow (Stanford University)
    • “Local Pollution: Air and Water, Benefits and Costs”
  • Matt Bonds (Stanford University)
    • “Ecology of Poverty and Disease: From Theory to Practice”
  • Grant Miller (Stanford University)
    • “Global Health, the Environment, and Behavior Change”
  • Giulio De Leo (Stanford University)
    • “The Enemy of My Enemy is My Friend: Discovering Novel Ecological Solutions to Fight Infectious Diseases of Poverty”
  • Desiree LaBeaud (Stanford University)
    • “Vector-Borne Disease Risk: Environmental Influences on Health”